It’s time to create world peace! Who’s with me?!

Why is this guy staring at you instead of me on my Home Page?  Because this guy is the closest thing I have to a logo for MiraculousLife, Inc. right now.  Isn’t he rad?!?  Clearly he knows a thing or two about how to live a Miraculous Life right?

Also, I don’t have a headshot yet that’s recent or with mah haar did, so this guy gets to represent the organization that will forever change humanity and the World…

Well-Played Colorful Dude, Well-Played 🙂

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Tyrel: we met after TED and exchanged cards. It was inspiring to hear your comments on stage and meet you in person. I looked at your card a few minutes ago and read, “Got Miracles?” I feel like Jimmy Durante…..,” I’ve got a million of ‘um.”
    It’s good to be alive.
    You are an avenue for people to share their stories . Gifted to say the least. I did with you in such a short time.
    It’s a pleasure to have met you. Best blessing.
    David Bullock,
    The Story Mine, KPCW.org,
    8:30 am Sunday Mornings. Stream it if you can, tomorrow.

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    1. David, Thank You so much for reaching out 🤠 I’m sorry it took so long to moderate this comment, it was hiding deep in my notifications… I’ll do my best to follow up with you IRL and connect on a deeper level 😁

      Thank You for all that you do and all that you are in this World 🤠🎲🎲🙏🌀🌐💗


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