A Good Death


Suicide.  Hari Kari.  A Hero’s Death.  Killed In Action.  Died In Their Sleep, Peacefully.

Which of these is a “Good Death”?

Death has become such a taboo topic in our society.  Something relegated to hushed tones and closed doors.  Mourning, Grieving, Condolences and Suffering by the Survivors of those who have passed.  Few truly appreciate its brilliant design and application…

Some of you may have already stopped reading, even the title may have been enough to turn stomachs.  Still others may be concerned that I’m planning something and reach out with a sense of urgency.  Maybe morbid intrigue has gripped yet another group…

If you’ve read anything Toltec, or had any experiences with death, you already know that Death can be a powerful ally and a most faithful teacher and friend.  For everyone else who hasn’t pondered and experienced Death as a compliment to the experiences of life, I invite you to consider this question:  “What does MY Good Death look like?”

Just imagine it.  What happens before?  What happens in those final moments?  What happens after?

I’m a DeathWalker, among many other titles I hold from my many lives thus far.  I’ve died 14 times already and I intend to die many more before my final breath on this planet.  With each Death I’ve experienced ReBirth.  If I choose to be Alive, my Will To Live must be stronger than Death.  It is impossible to navigate the Threshold without a Will To Live.

What have your experiences with Death been?  Have you survived another’s passing?  Have you left your body and come back?  How May I BE Of Service? ~_/1\_~


Here’s my talk at an IANDS gathering for a little perspective: (audio starts at 0:10)